Humble beginnings, big ideas.

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Welcome to the beta version of my website. Initially I will be using this website as my blog on all things associated with the teaching of digital and information literacy. This will include the sharing of observations, good practice and teaching experiences, feedback from conferences and events I attend and reviews of articles and books I do intend to grow the website beyond this initial ‘remit’ though…

Digital and information literacy is a multidisciplinary area (are multidisciplinary areas? Discuss!), with professionals from all backgrounds involved in research and practice. I am a librarian and teacher with experience of teaching these skills and embedding them within curriculums. Throughout my career I have realised that the most effective way to facilitate learning of these skills is to enthuse teachers about their value and to train them to become proficient in their application of them. Teachers will then do what they do best: Get creative! I have seen this lead to some diverse and interesting approaches to teaching the skills over the years and have been lucky enough to be part of some lively, noisy and fun activities! To see students get engaged in discussion and enthusiastically debate a topic that is traditionally seen as a ‘boring library subject’ is great. It makes me realise that digital and information literacy affects everyone’s lives and their learning, but is one of the most neglected areas of teaching in the UK.

The big idea of this website then, is to reach beyond the traditional communities of discourse and conversation on digital and information literacy and engage teachers from a wide range of backgrounds. Later this year I plan to share teaching resources I have created throughout my career with Creative Commons licenses and invite others to edit, develop and teach with them. Hopefully this will lead to some lively discussion and some innovative approaches. In the meantime please feel free to comment, question and answer anything I post or use the contact form in the about section to contact me by email.


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