#LILAC14 – my archive of session notes

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At the LILAC conference I used my iPad to take notes in the Evernote app. After the conference I went through all of my notes, reflected on what I had learned, created a(nother) ‘to do’ list, corrected spelling and grammatical errors (hopefully!) and generally tidied the notes up. When taking notes in this way I put a star against any hints and tips I pick up, ideas for things to try out later and further reading I should undertake. I then go through the notes and cut out these items, pasting them into a new note and reflecting on them later.

There is a feature of Evernote that I have been intrigued by for a while, but never used: the option to publicly share a note or a folder of notes. Other note taking apps I have used offer similar functionality too. Obviously I am blogging about the conference sessions, I tweeted during some of the sessions and I have disseminated information back to colleagues. But what next for the actual notes themselves? Are they digital trash? Could they be recycled/upcycled in anyway? Is there a life for them beyond my own use? Could anyone find value in me sharing my notes from the conference sessions I attended? I’m really not sure that they could, but hopefully someone will prove me wrong!

In the archive I have included a first note, ‘Welcome and how to use this folder’, giving information on the background to the notes and giving some terms and conditions on their use and reuse.

The archive can be accessed here.


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