‘Digital.ME: Managing your Digital Self’ MOOC

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Digital.Me: Managing your Digital Self is a new MOOC being run by the University of Derby Online Learning. It runs from the 6 July for six weeks and is completely free to study.

The course poses the question; “Ever wondered what your digital persona says about your relationship with the Web?”. A very pertinent question for any one interested interested in their own presence online and the wider subject of digital identity management.

You can sign up for the course here.


Web Science MOOC

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I am going to become an online learner again this week through participation in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from FutureLearn called Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World (more information on the course can be found in a Blog post I have just published on here). The course content sounds extremely interesting, as it explores how we make sense of the Web’s 25 year history and its effect on the World. I hope to use the experience to gain deeper understanding of the digital age society we live in and build upon ideas I am developing in my book on digital literacy. I will blog about the experience of learning through a MOOC in the coming weeks. The course starts on October 6th.